Thursday, October 16, 2008

Presidental debates in the wrong time zone

In case someone missed it – there is an election going on over here.... With only two more weeks to go, things are heating up. I missed the live broadcast of the last presidential debate last night – like I did with the vice presidential debate. This darn (to use a frequent word used by Sarah Palin) time difference makes it trick to follow. The debates are always synced in time with bedtime routines on the west coast and somehow the kids don't really care for McCain or Obama instead of Dora or Kipper.

We've been trying to record the debates, but somehow, looking at a recorded debate, after the house is finally quiet, somehow is just too tiring. I have been trying to tune in to the after comments – and then you get bit and pieces of what they actually said with the comments on how good or bad they were. I don't like the turn things have taken – why is it that it always have to be so negative when the election approaches... is that the only thing that works to get your name across – to attack the other party? Everyone says they dislike negative campaigns – but obviously they're still doing the trick – or we wouldn't see them.

So far, in my city, I haven't seen too many political car bumpers - only a few here and there - equally distributed - and most of the garden signs are for candidates for the city council or school board.

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