Thursday, September 25, 2008

Late night shopping

When I was heading home from the airport last night, I decided to make the family happy and get milk (an essential part of breakfast in our family). After all, it was already way, way, way past bedtime, so an extra 15 minutes wouldn't do much difference and I'm passing by the store on my way to the house. Those are the times you appreciate Safeway's 24 opening hours.

I wasn't alone. We were two lonely souls in this huge store - besides the night staff - who are restocking the store. Two lonely cars in the huge and empty parking lot. You have to navigate your shopping cart in between boxes around the store, the lights are dimmed, and weird music is playing.

But - got my milk! Turned out the lights finally at 2.30 am....


Anonymous said...

It's nice to know that there's going to be somewhere open when the baby is screaming at 2 am!

JaCal said...

Britgirl - oh, but see - your baby is not going to cry at 2 am - he will sleep through the night right away! ;-)