Friday, August 29, 2008

It sure is going to be an interesting fall

Ok, I'm not really a very political person. I have my viewpoints and thoughts for sure - but it's not one of my major interests. But living in the US right now, there is no way you can avoid the upcoming presidental election.

I sure wonder about this vice president stuff. How come the main candidate is scrutinized and questioned and - elected - during months and months during the primaries. Is this person the best to be the candidate for the job as the President of the United States according to the voters.

And then, the vice president, the second in rank to is just communicated, without the public scrutinize and the long process. I see the point that the potential President perhaps should be choosing her or his running partner - but - if the worst should happen, the vice president is supposed to take over the job, with the polictics and viewpoints this person brings to the table. Why shouldn't it be any of the nominee candidates that has been running for president, put in a lot of effort - and has been answering questions on their political views for months?

Oh, well. Maybe it's just me being Swedish, coming from a country where electing someone on a more "personal basis" than a "political party basis" is still a very new phenomena.

I really like that McCain choose a woman, Sarah Palin, as his running partner - even though I admit - I have never heard her name (this is a HUGE country, lots of news and people to keep track off...). For the first time ever, the presidential election is not going to about be old, white men in suits that will do negative ads about each other...

This sure will be an interesting fall in terms of politics in this country...

A screen dump of the CNN Live stream I'm watching on my screen as I'm working by my desk - a great way to get the major news. Sometimes these are really live streams where you see everything from a specific place and don't have to see the talking heads back and forth in the studio. Don't know if you can see it on the international version of, but on the US edition you can see what's being broadcast live in the upper right corner. It's an interesting ways to really get live reports.


Ludo said...

She has a nice resume :)

* strongly opposed to abortion
* supports capital punishment
* supported the teaching of creationism alongside evolution in schools
* opposes same-sex marriage
* refused to let the results of prenatal genetic testing change her decision to have a trisomic baby
* lifetime membership with the NRA

JaCal said...

Ludovic - well, I don't take sides - what you think of the above depends on what side you're on. I have some issues with all the candidates. I find it really interesting that he choose a woman and think it will be a very interesting fall to see how this plays out in terms of political communication.

Anna, Fair and True said...

I can just agree with Ludovic here. Sure, good that a woman is nominated but I would never vote for a woman who's against women's right to abortion and who's a member of the NRA. Seems to me that she's even more conservative than McCain himself and still they think they're going to steal Hillary's supporters from Obama??

Anonymous said...

Agree with Ludovic, I just hope women won't vote for Mcain just because he chose a woman as a running mate. She's well scary!

JaCal said...

Anna - it will sure be a very interesting fall - and I really like that there is such an interesting line-up in this election. What will the American people make of all this? Hopefully this election, with Hillary and now Palin running opens doors for real for the future and we will see more women in politics.

Jane - I hope people vote for what they believe in, regardless on gender or race. I like that there is a woman in the race, but if they vote for her, it should be for her politics - not her gender.