Saturday, August 30, 2008


I have to do a little 8-day trip to Sweden for work. Since I'm traveling by myself, I'm traveling light.

Or... trying too.

Part from the office clothes (I'm actually looking forward to wearing long pants... today we hit 104F here...), toiletries and a work files (yes, I actually do have some old fashioned papers!), my suitcase is filled with... gadgets... and cords... I have always claimed it's my Husband who is the geek in the family... but I guess I come in on the top list too...

And even though I'm really trying to integrate all my stuff, and try only to use gadgets that use standard mini-usb cords and so on... it still adds up.

  • Laptop
  • Camera
  • iPod
  • Cellphones * 2 (Blackberry (my American cellphone) and Qtek (my Swedish cellphone))
  • Livescribe pen (my new cool gadget)
  • USB-battery to charge my iPod (and Blackberry if I get stuck in an airport) on long flights

Cords and chargers:
  • Mini usb-cord (to charge the Blackberry and download pictures from the camera)
  • iPod usb cord (to charge the iPod)
  • Qtec usb cord (to charge my Swedish cellphone)
  • USB charger + converter (to use with all the USB cords above when not using my computer)
  • Laptop power cord
  • Converter plug (so I can charge my laptop in the US and in Sweden)
  • Headset (so I can use my Skype while on the road)
  • Handsfree * 2 (for Blackberry and Qtec - don't yet have usb-charged bluetooth handsfree and don't want to bring more chargers...)
  • Livescribe connector (so I can download my notes)
  • Livescribe headphones (so I can record while taking notes)
  • Camera charger
  • Mouse
Traveling in 2008.


Anonymous said...

Vad är en LIvescribe pen?
Hoppas att du fr en trevlig vecka!

JaCal said...

En sån jag beskriver nedan... cool!

malin2 said...

And they insist on making us take less carry on these days. Or at least they try to.
Why is NEW technology so complicated??

JaCal said...

malin2 - I wonder what all these things weigh... crazy. Flying will just become more complicated.