Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kylie in the Globe

Last night I saw Kylie Minogue's show in the Globen in Stockholm. I really had no expectations, I can't say that I now that many of her songs - except the "hits". The Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet gave the show 5 out of 5. But I'm not sure I agree... I don't know - it just felt it got a bit too much at times... or maybe because I'm kind of tired, archipelago-life vs hectic downtown life is taking it's toll. And her new material is more... I don't know... techno sort of? It all sounded like the same song.

It got better in the end and the extra songs were really good.

At least when she sang "I should be so lucky". That's when all of us born in the 70s got on our feet and sang along - and the younger crowd looked confused.

It's kind of fun though, come all the way from California to see a superstar all the way from Australia.


Anna, Fair and True said...

Många konserter för dig på sistone alltså! Skoj!

JaCal said...

Anna - ja, otroligt kul!! Hade fått gå på Celine Dion i lördags också om jag inte haft mammas födelsedagskalas. Vilken vecka DET hade varit! Celine, Kylie och Dolly på mindre än 6 dagar!