Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Cool coincidence

Today I experienced something pretty cool. On my way to work, about 20 seconds before I disappeared through the entrance to the office building someone grabbed my arm.

It was my brother!!

How cool is that - to bump into your brother!

Hm. I just realized that this might not seem like an amazing story at all... unless you've lived far from family and friends and knowing that the chances of ever "bumping into" someone you know where you now live are... well... more or less zero.


Fredrik said...

JAg hade en exact likadan upplevelse när jag ver "hemma" i Sthlm förra Juni. JAg var inne i Stan och sprang på min Bror runt Sergels Torg. Det kändes lite overkligt som sagt.
Fredrik i Perth / Australien

JaCal said...

Fred - ja, då vet du PRECIS vad jag menade - nästan lite magiskt - haha!