Thursday, June 19, 2008

Boat highway

The island in the archipelago that I'm on is right by a "boat highway", ie a water pathway for boats to get to the outer parts of the archipelago. It's kind of fun, just sitting on the porch and watch the boats go by.

Today, the day before the "real national day" in Sweden, Midsummer Eve, the boat traffic was a bit more intense. Today is the day when everyone leaves the city for the country side, or also the archipelago if you're in Stockholm. Midsummer is a HUGE weekend in Sweden.

When we stopped at Ica Maxi at 10 am this morning, the store was packed. We had to walk a long way from the car to the store and the line for the strawberry stand outside was so long we decided we can do Midsummer without strawberries and a strawberry cake (and we actually eat strawberries all year around home in California).

We got a princess cake instead. Now THAT is a cake for Swedish aliens... Can't wait until tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Glad Midsommar!!

Kom precis tillbaka från Tahoe, däruppe var det undebart. Runt 25 grader på dagen och svalt på natten.

Hoppas ni får en trevlig Midsommar!

BritGirl said...

Midsummer looks such fun!
Are you in Sweden for much longer Jacal?

Annika said...

Helt klart!! Prinsesstårta hade jag också valt...
Hoppas att du har en mysig Midsommar. Jag vet ju att du älskar den helgen!!

JaCal said...

Veronika - härligt! Min första sommar i Californien "firade" vi Midsommar i Tahoe - hade picnic och bodde över på natten - mysigt! Fast inte som svensk midsommar - haha!

Britgirl - it is! ;-) I'm here for another 7 days - returning next Monday.

Annika - japp! Världens bästa helg! ;-) Och åååh, vad prinsesstårtan var god!