Friday, May 16, 2008

It's HOT

We do get pretty hot here during summer season, so 100F days (days with +37C) are not unusual. But after a pretty cool spring, cold northern winds and low temperatures at night, my Scandinavian body hasn't been prepared for the sudden switch to HEAT.

Today we hit over +41C here and since it was a bit windy - I don't know if you calculate "wind factor" when it's hot... does it make it cooler... or hotter...? - it felt like walking around in font of a hairdryer.

And while eating ice cream in the cool AC air inside (it's on days like this when you think your inside temperature of +26C feels really cold and nice...), I'm packing fleece sweaters and rain boots for next weekend's departure for Sweden for 5 weeks. Though I hope we get nice Swedish summer weather during our stay in Stockholm, we'll be totally prepared for cold and rainy weather. And today I wouldn't mind a little rain and over cast. I know that when we come back in early July, we'll have a couple of months of blue skies and no clouds... so weather is actually what I think the least about.

I'm thinking more about 7 nights of crazy jet lag for the two under 4t persons... of how to get your poor dollars to be worth anything at all... and about this year actually finding time to do all the things we want and meet all the friends we've missed. 9 days to go.


Saltistjejen said...

oj vad ni har varmt!!! Hoppas ni kommer få en jättebra Sverige resa. Hur länge ska ni stanna där?

Anonymous said...

Visst är det varmt, puh. Normalt brukar vi har turen att ha lite svalare på nätterna och mornarna, men nu är det ju varmt dygnet runt.
Hoppas du överlever din 5k walk today!
Hinner vi ses nästa vecka?

JaCal said...

Saltistjejen - ja.. nu är det varmt.. Vi stannar i fem veckor - åter den 30 juni.

Veronika - ja, nu blev det gräsligt varmt plötsligt. Ingen svalka på nätterna. ACn går som besatt... ;-) Japp - har mailat! Racet gick bra -nästa gång får vi gå tillsammans!