Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My first MP3 album

A couple of months ago I read a notice on a new British singer in EntertainmentWeekly (no, not at my hair dresser). The review made me curious so I went online to YouTube to check her out and I really, really liked her voice. Her name is Leona Lewis and she was the winner of the XFactor in 2006, a British show "Idol" show where the famous Simon Cowell is involved somehow.

Since I like "big voices" I asked Santa for her album and he really tried to find it, and thought it was weird the Wife, oups the Wisher, had asked for something that didn't seem to exist. It was only the small detail that it was not available in the US yet. It was released in the UK in November 2007, but not here until - today.

So today I bought the album and downloaded it through Amazon's MP site using my little "system" previously described. This was actually my first MP3 album - so far I've only bought singles I like.

Since Leona Lewis is with Sony BMG it's impossible to find a video to embedd here - so I'm just giving you the links. This is the US-version of Bleeding Love and this is the UK-version. Was it the lack of yellow taxi cabs in the UK version that made them do two versions - or was the UK version too sexy for the American public?

Now I only have to find a way to get out of the house so I will get a chance to listen to it too...


Miss Marie said...

yeah, she's soo good! she has an amazing voice. i heard this song the first time when she performed it on the last season of x factor, and it was great. here's the link if you want to see it!


Annika said...

Nu har jag läst om henne på flera olika siter och i olika tidningar. Blir jättenyfiken...
Ska kolla Maries youtube ovan. Stora röster är det bästa jag vet!

Anonymous said...

I love that song too.
Hadn't heard about it until my mom told me about in England.

JaCal said...

Marie - I LOVE her voice! I checked out several videos and her audition on YouTube - but I actually missed that clip!Great - I should have embedded that one.

Annika - ja, jag tycker mycket om henne - hon har en speciell röst!

Britgirl - and she is British - great huh!! She is soo good!