Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Successful business women

Last night I attended an event for business women on entrepreneurship. The main reason I attended was not the content, but the event itself (for all kinds of reasons), but the nice content was a big surprise.

It was an afternoon and evening with only female participants and sharing of knowledge in a informal, formal way. The last session I attended was a panel discussion with three successful business women who owned their own business. They talked about how they had succeeded, their mistakes and advise, and how to find balance in life.

It was really inspiring! These women had had passion, determination - and it was such a pleasure to hear about their successes.

I sat there, thinking if there is something similar in Sweden, where you can talk about your success and be proud of it, and other people get joy and inspiration from your achievements. I sure hope so - because I was in a great mood leaving and so happy for these women.


Desiree said...

Låter som ett riktigt toppen seminarium. Jag tror att amerikaner har lättare för att vara stolta över sina bedrifter och har nog lättare att prata om framgång också. Men jag tror ändock att det skulle vara möjligt i Sverige fast det skulle nog vara mer nedtonat. Jag tycker man har all rätt att vara stolt över sin framgång. Mer sådant och mindre Jante! Jag tror vi kan lära oss en del av amerikanerna när det gäller detta område.

Fia said...

Jodå ett liknande nätverk finns i Sverige, det som jag känner till heter Ruter Dam och där träffas kvinnliga företagare och de som lyckats ställer upp som mentor för de som just börjat sin karriär.

Anonymous said...

Being an entrepreneur in Sweden is tricky (that's why I fled the country (not really)). We get a lot of positive responses when people learn about our company and what we have accomplished. But when people in Sweden starts thinking about how much money we make or what the company is worth, Jante kicks in. It's a little sad. Over here it's more accepted to make money out of your business.

In Sweden it seems more like people thinks: "Entrepreneurs are important and it's good for the society (as long as you don't make too much money)."

Starting my own company was the best thing I did in my life.

JaCal said...

Desiree - det var det! Och jag tror som du - man är mer stolt här och glädjs åt varandra.

Fia - jo, fast RuterDam är ju mer "kvinnor i näringslivet" - inte så mycket "entreprenörer/bygga egna företag" - i alla fall är det den bild jag har... Men den har jag ifs inte uppdaterat på rätt många år så jag kan ha helt fel.

Paul - it sure is different, that's for sure. In all kinds of ways... Having companies in both Sweden and here, I was amazed when I got my first letter from IRS/EDD - "Thank you for starting a company, we appreciate that you are helping out providing employment opportunities for Californians and hope we can be of help to you". They still want my taxes - but at least they are nice about it! ;-) Jante is a sad, sad guy - I think Swedes would be so much better without him. Maybe he could just become an alien and move somewhere else. Seems you have been doing great and I'm happy for you!