Saturday, February 23, 2008

Preparing for the storm

We're preparing for a spring storm. The patio furniture have been bundled up, the basket hoop laid down, the sandbox cover duct taped (anyone else out there with a Husband who thinks duct tape is the answer to most problems??).

This storm is not going to be as bad as the one in January (which lasted for three days), but it's supposed to be pretty heavy.

Oh, well. The plum tree almost has flowers and grass is getting greener. Spring sure is here - despite this little annoying storm passing by. Soon we can hide away all the socks!


Anonymous said...

Well, the storm hasn't been as bad as they were predicting. But yes lots of rain. A good day to stay indoors. By the way, your waffles sound good.
Kathy b

Anne said...

Laste en artikel idag om just stormarna pa amerikanska vastkusten, pga klimatforandringarna sa kommer stormarna har bli bade fler och starkare varje ar. Det ar sa sorgligt, jag blev riktigt ledsen idag da jag laste en artikel om detta och hur arets stormar gjort en hel del skada som naturen inte sjalv kan reparera.
Duct tape ar for ovrigt intressant. Jag trodde laaaaange det hette duck tape.

JaCal said...

KBBryant - no, it sure wasn't. We secured everything in the back yard this time, but it just got very wet. Waffles were great!

Anne - ja, vi får se hur det blir. Än så länge har det ju inte varit värre i antal i alla fall- men jag är helt klart redo för lite sommar nu. Vill lägga undan strumporna! ;-) Haha - ja... det trodde jag också (om duck tape alltså)... ;-)