Tuesday, February 19, 2008

9 182 927

That's the number of Swedes 2007 as reported today. If that includes the Swedish aliens is unclear. If not, I can add four from our family; 9 182 931.

9 millions. That is almost like the state of Georgia. Or the city of Chicago (the greater area). Or the population of Shanghai.


Wille said...

I believe the number is the number of people permanently resident in Sweden (including foreign immigrants, excluding Swedes living abroad).

I've heard a stat that there are 16 million native Swedish speakers in the world in total (not all Swedish nationals, Finland for instance has a sizeable Swedish speaking minority).
The Greater London area alone has 100000 Swedes in the area..

Petchie75 said...

Oj, visste inte att Chicago var så stort! Det sätter vår lilla befolkning i perspektiv... Intressant vad ovan kommentar skriver, kan det verkligen finnas så många svenskar utanför Sverige?? Undrar också om jag räknas som svensk, utflyttad sedan många år?

JaCal said...

Wille - probably yes. 16 million is a pretty impressive figure for such a small language. 100 000 Swedes in London - gosh!

Petra H - ja, vi är inte så stora i befolkning i alla fall...