Thursday, November 15, 2007

Car doctor appointment

We had to bring my car to the car doctor today. The battery and charging was behaving strange and it was time for the regular maintenance - like rotating the tires and doing the oil and what ever they do to a car at the car doctor... Do they get shots too?

It's a logistical challenge to bring and pick up at car for service. You need two cars going there and one car but two drives picking it up in this country without widespread public transportation.

Anyway, you car almost becomes part of you so you really miss it when it's gone (not only because you get STUCK!)... here is my little car below El Capitan in Yosemite.


Desiree said...

Vi har ju bara en bil så när vi lämnar in den så brukar vi få en lånebil för annars skulle det bli kris. Det går ju inte ta bussen direkt. Det känns toppen att vi alltid får en lånebil.

JaCal said...

Det är verkligen KRIS när man måste lämna bort bilen... men nu så - nu är alla bilarna tryggt i garaget igen! ;-)