Sunday, October 21, 2007

Colorful houses

Blue, yellow, red. Colors of houses you rarely see in California.. This picture is taken from the neck of woods I grew up in (my house was yellow but it's not the one in the picture). I never thought about house colors much, but after all these years in California and in an area with "Spanish" houses in "earth" colors, I think I really, really like colorful houses.


Anonymous said...

They kind of look like the american barns but like deluxe ones or something.
They are lovely.
Are there many like that in that kind of setting in Sweden? And how much would they cost roughly in dollars?

Atom Salad said...

I'm new to reading your blog. I spent a year in Sweden as a 17 year old (back in 1971-72---you can do the math;-)) I lived with a family in Säffle and went to the gymnasium in åmål. (You big city girls might wonder at that except I came from a small town, Lodi, in California's Central Valley so it was just what I was used to.)

Now, my 21 year old daughter is spending six months in Lund. and I'm going to see her over the Thanksgiving holiday. I've been trying to hone my Swedish skills by reading Swedish and watching Swedish TV on the internet and reading Swedish blogs!

Reading your blog (and my daughter's) reminds me of all the little things that are so particular to culture and HOME. For example, isn't it funny that people miss (cheap) candy that they wouldn't necessarily even eat if they were "home"?

But, I had to post in response to "Colorful houses". I LOVE Swedish house colors and wonder why we don't use them here as well!! (I live in Berkeley and there are lots of beautiful houses...but very few of those beautiful, deep red ones that I especially like.

And, by the way, your "Swedish" pizza looks a lot like a Berkeley "Cheeseboard" pizza.

Do you or any of your readers live in Berkeley? I'd pay for coffee for someone who'd be willing to meet and chat in Swedish. :-) Might even spring for a slice of pizza!


Desiree said...

Väldigt vacker bild. De svenska stilen på hus skiljer sig helt klart en del från den amerikanska.

Anonymous said...

Visst är et härligt med alla färger på husen därhemma! Här målar man inte med starka färger för då får man måla om huset eftr bara något år eftrsom solen bleker färgen så snabbt här.
Vet att målar du huset här med en stark gul färg kan du få problem från grannar som klagar. Stark gult verkar vara den värsta färegn du kan måla ett hus har jag hört.
Gula hus som jag tycker är så fina.

Liz said...

Det ser ut som husen dar jag vaxte upp, i åltsen (Bromma). Mitt favorithus nar jag var liten var alltid ett rosa hus som var nara mitt hus. Nu bor jag i ett trakigt vitt amerikanskt hus....

JaCal said...

Britgirl - barns!? Barns!? ;-) I think I have to take more pictures of Swedish houses next time... ;-)

Sally - hi and welcome to my blog! I checked out your daughters blog and laughed when I saw the pictures of the stuff someone had sent her... same thing but the other way around - haha! The house colors sure are different. In my area they're all different shades of beige... No, not in Berkerly unfortunately. Check out and you might find a Swedish speaking group!

Desiree - ja... det är en sån vacker gata!

Veronika - ja, ovanligt med färger... kom ihåg historien med det gula huset uppe hos er för några år sen... och det var bara lite gult!

Liz - ja, de områdena är ganska lika (det är är söder om stan). Japp, vita är husen...