Sunday, September 16, 2007

What to watch...

28 new series are premiering on American TV the next couple of weeks. 28. That is four new shoes every day. Besides the already renewed.

I used to be a TV addict. Family life too care of that. Now I'm happy to follow one, or two, shows per season. The question is - what to choose?

I always turn to Rick Kushman - my favorite TV columnist. He and I seem to have the same humor, taste and every time I've followed his advice it's been a success.

Read his advice for this fall's new series here.

He is giving four stars out of four to Pushing Daisies, premiering at 8 pm, October 3 on ABC (the only show he gave four stars this season). So I guess I'll give that a try.

Check out the preview:


SweFlo said...

I cut out the fall TV schedule and will program my DVR. There will be 2 shows every night, and on Wednesdays I will have to remove one from my schedule! Definitely a TV addict!

Annika said...

OMG!!! Thank GOD for DVR!!! I have so many shows scheduled. I am an addict, you know...A TV-junkie of the true kind...Wednesdays are jammed packed...Don't know what to DO!!! :-))

Robbi & Helen said...

Vill oxå se Pushing Daisies!!! Ser riktigt bra ut - dessutom ett nytt och annorlunda koncept.

Anonymous said...

Well that sure sounds different!
It looks like fun so I think we'll have to watch that one.
I know my girls thought it looked good too.

Anonymous said...

Upprunalega er það svona músagrátt eins og á flestum íslendingum, en ég er alltaf með ljósar strípur og verð mjög ljóshærð á sumrin í sólinni þannig að ég er talin vera ljóshærð.. :)

JaCal said...

Sweflo - Haha! I wish! I love the start of a new season. This fall I won't be working at night so much - so I hope I'll at least catch one or two new... We've programed our SAGE system at least.

Annika - sometimes the Geek Husband really comes in handy with lots of storage on the server for all the programs you want... ;-) He doesn't seem to be able to fix the "lack of time" problem however - bummer...

Neil - ok , I know I said "comment in any language you want" but I might just have to take that back. Now I'm utterly curious on what you're saying and what you think I should do with the da Vinci poster from IKEA! :-)

Robbi&Helen - ja, jag är nyfiken faktiskt... vi får se. Men om Kushman säger den är bra - då stämmer det! Haha!

Britgirl - Yeah, sounds really interesting!

Anonymous - ok - I really have to find a website where they can do Icelandic - English (or Swedish) translations... I hope you said nice things. ;-)