Sunday, September 02, 2007


Every Sunday the morning paper is heavy from all the commercials. Or heavier rather - it's pretty heavy from commercials all week - but Sunday is the "peak day".

But no matter what season - the sneaker sale is always going on. All major stores always have one spread focused on sneakers. Usually white.

I sure would like to see some statistics on the number of white sneakers sold in the US.


Anonymous said...

Don't they show commercials on tv? And place advertisements in the paper?

Annika said...

SO damn true!! The Sunday paper is loaded. I've never really noticed the sneaker ads! But I am not a sneaker kind of gal either ;-)
Yes, there are commersials everywhere...On TV as well, and so MUCH of them it is sickening! And on the radio and so on...

Petchie75 said...

Japp, vita gympadojjor är sååå amerikanskt - de lyser på långt håll runt turistattraktionerna i Europa.

Isle Dance said...

I (almost) think sneakers should be outlawed. Hee. I have one pair. It is a slip-on boat shoe. Internet reading is terrific, but there are advertisements there, too.

Miasworld said...

Hahaha, so so true! I once had this conversation with an American friend:

He: You dont remember Patrick? He was at that conference as well.
Me: Äh,,, um... no, not really. What does he look like?
He: Well, he looks American
Me: So, he had white sneakers??
He: Yes... how did you know?!

Hahahaha :) Fördomar är lite roliga när de är sanna

Desiree said...

Ska man handla gympaskor är detta verkligen rätt land att göra det i. Finns mycket att välja bland och de är mycket billigare än i Sverige.