Saturday, September 08, 2007

Meeting my stalker

Speaking about new ways to get to know people, let me tell you about my stalker. For years now I've been writing an online private diary for friends and family, updated daily with pictures and videos from our life here, to share with those far away (new way to keep in touch).

My stalker, found our website when searching online for something completely different and started coming back to read. Soon she was reading it daily. For years she has been writing nice comments in our guest book, wished the kids happy birthday and we've been exchanging e-mails.

I turns out we live 576 meters from each other, meaning we can actually walk between our houses (and how rare is that in this country).

Yesterday we met irl for the first time. A very fun and little weird meeting. I felt like a celebrity since she already knew exactly what I looked like and all about our life, what's been going on the passed few years. I was kind of disappointed she didn't take my picture, or there were no paparazzis in sight - haha!

Any way, so sometimes channel confusion is good - it means you get to know new, fun people!

(Oh, and my cute stalker is British and writes a pretty funny blog about being a British Alien in the US).


Annika said...

HOW fun for you guys!!! That sounds so great! It is a little bit scary to meet someone you only met online...Right Jacal? ;-))))
BUT it has always turned out great for me when I have met up with other bloggers (you, and then three other Swedish bloggers that I met in Sthlm the past summer)! It really works! Good!

Anonymous said...

Ooh now I'M famous!!
Cool! (Especially grateful for the 'cute' bit but i don't think so...ha ha!)

I had been tormented, up to actually meeting you by my family who thought it was all highly amusing! Should I take something like a rose (like in "You've got mail!") they mused so you would recognise me? Ha ha very funny guys, it's not a date!!!

I was a bit nervy at first as I wondered if you might have thought what a nosy old person you were meeting!

However as I thought, it was easy to talk to you as we have similar thoughts about things.
And we live so close too.

I did wonder if i should take a picture after all this time of corresponding but thought it might come across as even more weird! Lol!(My mom was dissapointed there was no pic on my blog of the nice Swedish lady she has heard about!!)

So yes you got to meet your stalker!
And it wasn't some weird old bum was it?!! he he!

I almost put my blog page link on here but as this is mainly for Swedes and would seem like now I'm trying to poach your friends (lol) I thought it too presumptious of me so I didn't!!)

Anonymous said...

Oh silly me!

(Not a very clever stalker...ha ha!)

I see you already have put a link.
Oh gosh now I'll have to keep blogging won't I?

No really thanks....Agghhhhhhhhh!!!!

JaCal said...

Annika - it sure was! We had just as fun as we did this summer! It is fun to meet irl too!

Britgirl - haha, next time you have to bring your camera - wouldn't want your mom to miss this! ;-) Have to do something about the link color... they're almost invisible. And yes, now you have to keep blogging!

Desiree said...

Vad lustigt att ni bodde så nära varandra. Hoppas hon var trevlig och att det känns bättre nu när du har träffat henne in real life.