Thursday, August 23, 2007

Stockholm in the news...

Ok, so as an Swedish Alien you read the morning papers and watch the news with an extra filter. The "Swede-filter". You might be hardly awake when reading the morning paper or half asleep infront of the nightly news but if the word Sweden is mentioned you are suddenly wide awake.

Even if the news is about Bill Murray's DUI in a golf cart in downtown Stockholm during golf tournament... that I just read about in the morning paper here.

I wonder if I will get questions on how we can drive around in golf carts with all the polar bears on the streets in Stockholm... Oh well.

Stockholm was in the local news!


Ally said...

Yeah my dad called me yesterday to see if I had heard. He was excited and he wasn't even the one who lived in Stockholm! ;-)

JaCal said...

Ally - well, I guess it's kind of unsual to 1) have an American movie star visiting and 2) driving a gold cart while 3) being under the influence... haha!

Anonymous said...

I know more about Stockholm than I do Bill Murray!
I don't know who he is!!!
(You mean there aren't Polar bears in Stockholm?!)

Anonymous said...

Oh him!
Groundhog day and all that!