Friday, August 10, 2007

My last donut

We had a reason to be close to the Krispy Kreme today, the last day of operation. So of course we had to stop by to get our last donuts. The line was long! And they had to work hard to produce the donuts in the little factory behind the counter. People were buying boxes of donuts.

So. For the last time we got the steaming hot, fresh, traditional glazed donuts. Bye bye Krispy Kreme!


Anonymous said...

Här i Sydney går nog affärerna bra för Krispy Kreme. Folk älskar deras donuts.

Anonymous said...

Your artery's will be happy!

JaCal said...

Matilda - det blir intressant att se hur det kommer gå för Krispy Kreme. Kanske är svår marknad här i Californien.

Miranda - yes, they sure will! Not that we were there often, a couple of times a year. Otherwise I really don't like donuts.