Saturday, August 04, 2007

My kitchen love

Nika, a Swedish alien in Ohio, wrote about vacuum cleaners the other day and I just have to write a post about my new love - The Electrolux Pronto (or as it's called in Europe, the Ergorapido).

I first saw this in my mother in-law's house a couple of years ago. Thinking it was a a pretty cool, designed appliance and that it must be good, because I know she gets things with quality (I'm still thinking about the best plan to somehow kidnap her wonderful dishwasher and move over here...).

Then we got a crawler in our house, and suddenly vacuuming became not a weekly chore, but a daily.

Multiple times.

My Husband, the gadget freak #1 in this house (I'm #2), had the kids on his own for one day, trying to keep the kitchen floor clean, before he sneaked out to get a Pronto at Sears.

Now this piece of nice Swedish (Electrolux is a Swedish company) design has a central role in our daily kitchen life. It's mounted on the kitchen wall, ready to serve, looking good. The kids, even the now walker, fight about who's turn it is to clean the kitchen floor (and THAT is really the only reason you need to get one...).

In Europe you can get it in five different colors. In the US you can only get it in red (what kid of weird product decision is that??). But I don't care. I love it.

Love it!


SweFlo said...

I need a great solution for a quick cleaner on our tile floors. American vacuum cleaners suck big time! I am on my ... fifth I think! The one I have now (standard upright) only seem to work on carpet unless I go over the tile with the hand attachment... I also considered getting one of those things that looks like a stick vac but is actually a steam cleaner. Is this thingamajig good on tile? I am desperate! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I am most interested in this thing!
Its nice and slim and having a messy parrot who throws his seeds all over the floor and kids who drop rice crispies and cornflakes under the kitchen table I think I need something more lighter and quicker to grab than my beloved Dyson. (A good sucker but heavy to lug around!)
I wish it had a soft brush underneath so that i could do the hardwood floor as well. We have to be so careful with this floor as the landlord graciously pointed out!

JaCal said...

Sweflo - this is it - I promise! For the carpets we have a Kenmore "European" model that actually works great.

Miranda - well, then you have a solution! And I'm telling you - I never vacuum - the kids fight about to do it!!

Desiree said...

Jag har också funderat på att skaffa denna istället för att dra fram min vanliga Electrolux varje gång. I köket behöver man ju ofta damsuga betydligt oftare än i resten av huset. Jag ska nog ta och skaffa en sådan här. De är ju betydligt billigare här än i Sverige. Röd har jag inget emot. Jag älskar min vanliga electrolux som man kommer åt i hörnen med. För mig var det viktigt att ínte ha en amerikansk damsugare.

Anonymous said...

I might just get it then. It wouldn't be the first thing I've copied off of you! What's it like to be a leader?!!LOL!
(Hmmn! Now if I could just clone those children!!!)

Hanseric said...

Otherwise I was thinking: doesn't in fact a crawler pretty much substitute the vacuum cleaner ;-)

Great and stunning blog!!

JaCal said...

Desiree - den är så BRA! Love it! Värd varenda dollar faktiskt. Och det trodde jag väl aldrig att jag skulle säga om en dammsugare...

Miranda - haha! Keep copying - you'll love this one! I'm keeping the kids! ;-)

Idépappan - haha, true in theory, but it's so tiring to keep doing the Heimlich maneuver all through the day... Now I have a 1-year old vacuuming the kitchen floor... I'm hoping this will last the next 18 years.