Thursday, July 19, 2007

A phone from far away

I got my new cell phone by mail today. I ordered it from Sweden. I'm completely addicted to the Swedish T9 dictionary when sending text messages, and US phones don't have Swedish included for some unknown reason (who doesn't want to send messages in Swedish??).

I've gone through a lot of phones and pdas. For the second time I'm attempting a smart phone.

My account at AT&T (former Cingular, a name I liked far better...) will have to be upgraded so I get access to the (very limited) services available.

And finally I might be able to return some sort of a MMS message to my friends and family in Sweden who keep sending me these with their cool 3G phones (I, in this stone age cell phone country, get a text message with a link and have to get to a computer and log on to a website to be able to see).

That's next step in communicating with family on the other side of the world, to be able to send instant pictures of what's going on over here...


Anonymous said...

Is that your phone at the picture? well, i like it! What brand is it? I also got my new phone here from , from cingular too and i like it. Its the LG choco.

JaCal said...

It's a Qtek 8500 smartphone, Cingular has it too, but they call it Cingular 3125. I got mine free of service plan so I can be free to switch my Swedish SIM-card with my US one.

Desiree said...

Grattis till ny snygg telefon. För min del blir det helt enkelt inte mycket sms:sande här.