Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A little zoo in the garden

John Cleese's California home, Stalloreggi in Montecito, is for sale. For the little sum of $28 million dollars you get a 16-acre ranch. Swimming pool is included. The ranch has been used to "keep a good supply of friendly animals", according to Cleese.

Considering the state of our back yard my next living should probably be a condo with a balcony with plastic flowers.

But then... if you get a $28 dollar house, you should be able to keep a couple of gardeners to help you out.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Now I wonder where that is. John Cleese has a lot to do with Monterey Bay aquarium and does an occasional wine event at a ranch in nearby Carmel valley. I wonder then if thats his home. It was around 500 dollars for members so now maybe I wish we had booked it!
Where did you find this out? Shall we pool our money in together and live there?!!

Desiree said...

Förmodligen har man råd med några trädgårsmästare och städerskor och annat om man har råd att köpa detta hus. Hade varit skönt om man hade haft råd med en liten sommarstuga eller liten lägenhet i Sverige så att man hade ett eget ställe att vara på under semestern. Undra om djuren ingår i priset om man skulle köpa John Cleese ställe?

Fia said...

Japp Desiree, en hel del djur ingår, både lamadjur och strutsar..se denna artikel:


JaCal said...

Miranda - it's in Montecito (there is a link to a LA Times article about the property in the post). Sure - let's pool our money - you're in charge of the garden! Haha!

Desiree - ja... annars blir det nog jobbigt - haha! Jo, man kan börja smått... ;-)

Fia - tror jag hoppar... oj oj så mycket jobb.