Friday, July 13, 2007

It's getting faster

According to the magazine Fast Company, Stockholm, Sweden, is a "fast city" to work, live and play in. It's kind of neat that Stockholm, with it's less than 1 million-something inhabitants, made the list. After all it's a list of the just 30 fastest cities - in the whole world.

The city where I live now almost made the list. It's a "On the verge" city. Seems I'm sticking to "fast" places. What ever that means.

A "fast city" according to Fast Company:

It starts with opportunity. Not just bald economic capacity, but a culture that nurtures creative action and game-changing enterprise. Fast Cities are places where entrepreneurs and employees alike can maximize their potential--where the number of patents filed is high, for instance, or where the high-tech sector is expanding.

The second component: innovation. Fast Cities invest in physical, cultural, and intellectual infrastructure that will sustain growth. //

Finally, Fast Cities have energy, that ethereal thing that happens when creative people collect in one place. The indicators can seem obscure: number of ethnic restaurants, or the ratio of live-music lovers to cable-TV subscribers. But they point to environments where fresh thinking stimulates action and, by the way, attracts new talent in a virtuous cycle of creativity.

(Andrew Park, Fast Company, July/August 2007, page 92)

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Anonymous said...

Kul läsning, roligt du tipsade.

De listade också 4 städer på "green leaders cities"-listan, där kom såväl Stockholm som Portland med. Roligt, då jag brinner rätt mycket för miljöfrågor.