Thursday, July 12, 2007

He is here!

Or should we say "they"... Beckham and Posh. They finally arrived in California after months of anticipation. It's going to be interesting how much he can do for soccer in this country. LA Times says "Beckham's arrival rings in new era for soccer in the US". Well, at least People, US and other American gossip magazines sure have gotten new material to write about.

But why does it feel a bit... hm... I don't know... interesting that Herbalife is the main sponsor on LA Galaxy's shirts... On the other hand, The LA Galaxy's mascot is "Cosmo" a frog-like extraterrestrial.


Anonymous said...

Yay! He's here!
I couldn't care less about him in Britain but hey...he's british and he's here!!!
Shame he bought his stick insect with him!! Ha! Meow!
Only joking-the Spice Girls were fun,I suppose.
Maybe he can get them all over here to call it football now. Nah I guess that would be too confusing!

Desiree said...

Gynsammast är det nog för skvallerpressen att de har anlänt. Får se om Beckham kan inspirera till lite mer soccer-kultur på denna kontinent.

Lotta K said...

There IS soccer here! Women's soccer is huge, and Latin and European immigrants play and follow there teams. It's just mainstream white America that hasn't gotten it yet.

JaCal said...

Miranda - haha - yes, a fellow brit in Califorina!

Desiree - ja, med tanke på mängden papararazzis på flygplatsen... ;-)

Lotta - oh, yes, there! Too bad it's not as appreciated as football and baseball. But Beckham actually made the front page of the sports section - of only a small notice...