Thursday, July 05, 2007

107 F

It's hot.

It's like walking around in a sauna. With clothes. And no cold lake around.

Today we hit 107 F (+41C).

We actually went to the lake to try to cool off today. But "cold" is not what you can call the water. But for awhile we felt somewhat cooler. Somewhat. Then we quickly returned home to the cool AC air. We have +28C indoors.

Nice and cool.

Who would have thought I would consider +28C to be cool...


Miss Marie said...

you should be happy you're not in europe! it can't stop raining and it's cold too.

Anonymous said...

Ta en tur med barnen till Coloma ellr rattare sagt en bit innan Coloma finns en lekpark vid floden. Dar ar vattnet kallt, jag lovar dig.

Anonymous said...

Yeah apparently the Uk has been filling up with rain a lot lately and flooding peoples houses so i guess its fun and games for everyone at the moment! I wonder where has the 'perfect' climate!
I know I can't take much more of this heat though!!

JaCal said...

Marie - yes... even though a little rain right now would be very much welcomed! ;-)

Veronika - bra tips! Det måste vi verkligen göra!

Miranda - yes, most of Europe seems drenched in rain. I do like the spring and fall weather here - perfect...