Saturday, June 16, 2007

10.42 pm

I had an event to attend to last night, returning to the archipelago in a taxi. To get to the bridge where my boat ride to the island was waiting the taxi has to cross a golf course (on a small road - not on the grass...) .

It was 10.42 pm. The sky still bright from the sun.

People was still playing golf.

That's a real summer night in June in Stockholm. Oh, how I'll miss these summer nights when I return to California in two weeks.

This was the sky from the porch of the summer house where I'm staying at 10.42 pm tonight.


Anonymous said...

THAT is what i really really miss here!
It makes me depressed when it gets dark so quick.Also my headaches that i get frequently, often get better around 9 pm ish so i would still have some day left to do things in somewhere like Sweden!
I never knew Sweden was light that late though! Thats amazing and very cool.

Isle Dance said...

So beautiful. I will miss your photos, too!! No more talk of leaving Sweden yet. You stay. Enjoy. Keep telling us all about your summer!

Annika said...

Can't wait!!! I miss the light nights! But soon enough I'll arrive in Swe!!!

JaCal said...

Miranda - yes, even thought it is not as bad as further south when it gets dark in the summer even earlier... If you go north in Sweden, above the artic circle, the sun never sets. In Stockholm we "only" have 18 hours of daylight in June.

Isle dance - ok! ;-)

Annika - not many days left - and you can enjoy it yourself!