Saturday, May 26, 2007

864 hours vs 41

I'm going to spend 864 hours in Sweden. In that perspective, the 41 hours total I will spend traveling there and back is peanuts. Don't you think? Should be easy. Quick. No problem.

At least I will have 864 hours to recover before the return...

I'm on my way to Stockholm!

Photo: Olof Holdar - Stockholm Visitors Board


Annika said...

NO problems, girl!!

Pretty soon you'll be there!! And then you can enjoy all those hours!

Have a good trip!

Anonymous said...

Trevlig resa! Ha det alldeles, alldeles underbart.

Anonymous said...

Trevlig resa (hmmm, så gott det nu går att göra en så lång resa trevlig...) och framför allt njut sen av din 864 timmar!!!

Ulrika said...

Njuuuut av vackra Sthlm för mig med... Bodde på Mariatorget sist jag var i Sverige. Du är taggad! Kolla in Ferdinandinlägget på min blogg så fattar du... Kram

Anonymous said...

There i was at in the sun at Lake Tahoe saying to husband..."I wonder how much longer poor Jacal's got in the air! LOL!
Not long to go! Are the kids with you ...or the plane behind?!!!