Friday, March 02, 2007

Mail from IKEA

Today we got direct mail from IKEA in the mailbox. Addressed to the husband!!

Ok, so, every year I order the IKEA catalog online. I've signed up for newsletters. Every time at IKEA and they have little boxes with "leave your address for more updates" I do that. Heck, I give all address information they want! My social security number - no problem (that is if I could remember it...)! Anything to get news and information on what's going on. IKEA obsessed? - you bet!

And still - the direct mail goes to the HUSBAND!?

He who hates IKEA, never would give out his address and if I want us to go there, I either have to prepare a long campaign, going on for weeks, or just trick him (like drive the car and just exit at the IKEA exit the last second like in an action movie and claim we're out of gas or something, early in the morning before he had coffee).

HE gets the direct mail. What a waste of paper.... What have they done with all my address information??

And - the most important question of them all - WHY isn't there a "Men's Corner" (could be named "Snickarboa"??) at IKEA. Just like you can leave your kid at "Småland" you could check in your husband, give his shoe size, and get a buzzer and take off for the store. In the "Men's Corner", there would be big screen HDTVs (for the sports fan) and fast internet connected computers (for the geeks), cold drinks and chips. Then when you are done and need to go through the Self Serve area and need some muscles, you check him out and he can load up the car.

Now THAT I want! AND all direct mail to me!


Berit said...

Who's name is on the creditcard when you pay? That's the one that gets the mail. Snickarboa, what an excellent idéa!!!
I have to return and change items(not my husband!) on Monday, IKEA seldom seem to get it right the first time, that's my main complaint about them.

Fia said...

Jacal, if you want to run for president on the Snickarboa idea alone, I will vote for you. Why limit this to IKEA? Kroger, Sam's etc

JaCal said...

Berit - mine! (so the husband won't see what I'm buying... ;-) Actually, I've been more satisfied with IKEA here in the US than in Sweden. We have never had to return or change anything (so far...) and all the pieces have been in the boxes (almost to our surprise...).

Fia - sure! That could be my one-issue question! And you're right - there should be a Snickarboa in every mall!

NETTAN said...

You are too funny! Snickarboa sounds just great. However, if we had an IKEA closeby I'm sure my husband would come in with me - the few times we went to IKEA down in TO are he has really liked it... I promise I'm not just saying that.
How dare they send the mail to the husbannd??!!

Anonymous said...

My husband signs up! He actually finds it's a goood idea. :)


Annika said...

You are SOOOOOOOOOOO funny!!!! And so damn right!!! I am with you! P is not the biggest fan of IKEA either, but he'll go. He would love it if it were a Snickarboa there!!!! AND, we always get into a HUGE argument when we are at IKEA. NOT fun!

Snickarboa is so funny!!! I am laughing!

JaCal said...

Nettan - you lucky girl! Yes - it's a complete insult that I don't get direct mail from IKEA considering the amount of times I've given them my address... maybe I should take the hint, they really don't want me to get mail? ;-)

Dosiss - great, the husbands can hang out doing manly crafts!

Annika - yes, seems it's impossible NOT to get into a argument with your husband at IKEA. Is it the laminate dust in the air that they can't handle?? ;-)