Wednesday, February 14, 2007

When was the last time you used this??

A paper phone book? I remember when I was a kid, long before internet . The yearly event of the arrival of the phone book. Always three pieces (A-M, N-Ö and the Yellow Pages). We always looked up everyone we knew and were so excited when we found them (...). Every year. And, remember, it was actually almost the only way to find people or business.

Now environment organizations are having issues with the yearly delivery of the three phone books to every house hold in Sweden. Not only are a lot of trees spent making them, they are clogging up the entrances of apartment buildings in cities since people are not picking them up in the same extent any longer. I know I wouldn't. Takes up way too much space.

Here we get phone books all year around. Published by different phone companies and others. Some are only "yellow pages". Others include private phone number as well. The first year we dutifully kept them. Now I just throw them away. I can't even remember the last time I used one.

And some keep old ones obviously. Because once a long long long time ago, our phone number somehow was connected to Petsmart (a huge store only for pets). So once a week or so, old ladies calls to ask pet questions. (but figure they got the wrong number when I dutifully answer the phone with "Jacal speaking").


Annika said...

I know, the phone books keep on rolling in. What a waste. I try to put them in the re-cycle bin as soon as they arrive.
The only one that I keep is the local one.

Cissi said...

sist jag använde en var för några år sen när vårt internet inte funkade och då kom jag till en väldigt förvånad dam som undrade vart jag fått tag på hennes nummer eftersom hon inte vart med i gula sidorna på evigheter. nä just ja katalogen var några år gammal :) så ofta använder jag den!

Berit said...

Ever see the movie The Jerk" where Steve Martin finds his name in the phonebook and shouts: "I am somebody!"

JaCal said...

Annika - yes, we just bring them straight to the recyle bin - so much waste!

Cissi - jag försökte hitta ett telefon nummer i den enda katalog jag sparat för något år sen - höll på en halvtimme, gav upp och gick online och hade numret på minuter... Men som sagt - är man offline är det ju mer besvärligt...

Berit - hihi - sounds just like when we were kids, we just loved to look up ourselves - our "30 words of fame"!