Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A new word in English... #3

I never been a gymnastics person. I got too tall too fast. My limbs were not obeying me. Our PE teacher gave up on me. So maybe it's no surprise that I didn't know what it meant that a judge was cartwheeling when I read the news online.

Cart as in shopping cart? Wheeling it down an aisle? And why was this even a story?

Brought out my English-Swedish dictionary and learned a new word.

"Hjula" in Swedish.

(and he did tat since he had made that promise if the defendant did what he was told, he would do some cartwheeling down the hall in the court building).


Fia said...

Hm, det finns några stycken domare jag skulle vilja se göra detta.

some still in their robes....


JaCal said...

Fia - såg du filmen)? Lite kul! Ja, gjorde det hela lite mer "humanitärt".