Monday, February 19, 2007

A boring post...

Since it's Monday and a pretty boring day, I might as well write a pretty boring post (feel free to stop read here...).

Even though it's only February I've started preparing the process of doing my taxes. If I thought it was complicated in Swedish, doing it in English is like being lost in China (not sure if that is a metaphor that makes sense, but anyway - it's hard!). Why is it that it's so frustrating! I'm sure both the Swedish and American tax authorities are doing their best to make it easy and understandable (or?), but it's just so complicated. All those specific terms and forms... I'm lost in the jungle of forms!

And unfortunately I have to do returns in both countries (as well as pay taxes) so it's a lot of work. The world is border less and global only when it comes to new technique (and American TV shows?) - not taxes...

Oh, well, I better get started. One Swedish pile of papers and one US pile of papers and off we go, I'm diving into the pile of forms!

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