Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Villa, Volvo, vovve

In Sweden the average family goes by the name "The Svensson Family" (Svensson being a very common name) - or "medelsvenssons".

And we joke about that you know that you are grown up when you have "villa, Volvo, vovve (i.e "house, a Volvo and a dog").

When reading the Swedish news online today, I read about the yearly statistics report from Statistics Sweden (Statistiska Centralbyrån).

According to an analysis of last years statistical data - this is is the average Swedish family:

The average Swedish family lives in a detached house, worth SEK 770.000 (taxation value), in a metropolitan area. The dad is named Lars (39) and the mom is named Anna (42) and their last name is Johansson. They got married 1990 when Anna was 27 years.
They have two kids, Emma, 12, and Johan, 15. The family eat 1,2 kg (2 lb 10 oz) sweets a week. They drive a silver grey colored Volvo 2000 (even though Anna would have liked a red car). They have a computer and internet connection, but not dog (read more fun facts here).

(picture from the front page of the SCB report)


Annika said...

Volvo, villa, vovve och...valium.
Hi, hi...Kul läsning det där!!!

Cissi said...

herregud 1.2 kg godis i veckan!!! jag gillar godis men så mycket får jag då inte i mig
kul läsning!

malin2 said...


JaCal said...

Ja... 1.2 kg låter MYCKET... men det är klart... om man bor i "the land of smågodis" så kanske jag skulle kunna få i mig (dock var det 1.2 kg för hela familjen och med en 12 respektive en 15 åring så kanske det inte var så mycket ändå...).