Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Letter vs A4

So we're doing a little re-grouping in our house, moving the office from one floor to the other and reorganizing it as we're already making a complete chaos.

And when planning shelving and hanging folders to store work, projects, bills etc etc once again I go nuts over that the US can't follow what almost every other country (except Canada and Mexico who seem to be as stubborn as well) does - the international standard for paper formats!

All my US paper work are in "letter" format and all my Swedish paper work is in "A4". Letter is "shorter and wider" than A4 (or A4 is longer and thinner than letter").

So A4 papers can not fit in hanging folder for letter (to short).


The A4 is of course a very logical system based on the meter. The letter (or the only other "standard" size legal) is a complete random system based on the inch...

I guess we just have to go completely "paperless" and buy a faster scanner instead of doing paper storage solutions...

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