Monday, January 15, 2007

To constantly be three hours late...

If you live in California you live in the PST-zone. Or in UTC-8.*

In real words - this means 3 hours after New York.

Which means that we see everything on TV three hours later than in New York! The Today Show, Good Morning America - they're all three hour late reruns here in the mornings. Or when Regis and Kelly calls someone here in California from their 9 am morning show, they actually call them at 6 am...

Some programs are live however. Like the SuperBowl or the Oscars. If you live on the East Coast, you can start watching the Oscars at 8 pm. If you live here, the show starts at 5 pm when the sun is still up.

If you live in California, these "movie a and TV rewards" shows are huge. Probably the proximity of the events. Tonight is the big Golden Globe Award night.

The Golden Globe is a recorded show however, broadcast on "prime time" time in each time zone (8 pm) . Which means that New Yorkers will know three hours earlier if Kiefer Sutherland from 24 won the Golden Globe award for Best Performance by an Actor in A Televisions Series - Drama"... Despite the fact that the show actually takes place in here in California...


On the other hand, there is the little thing called Internet these days. So if I really want to know beforehand - I just open up Google around 5 pm this afternoon...

*PST = Pacific Standard Time, UTC-8 = eight time zones west of the Greenwich Observatory.


Anonymous said...

Tony Shaloub for "Monk"
would be well deserved.
Quirky and unusual, my kind of show..

Annika said...

And what an evening we do have ahead of us. No matter the time zone. Hey, I can put out the winners on my blog and then you wont even have to watch the GG :-))))

I¨ve been thinking of the 3 h difference in the mornings, and at other times, too. Not so fun, except on Oscar nite...Or Super bowl, if the final is on the west coast.

Otherwise "Bummer" is the right word!