Sunday, January 14, 2007

Jack is back!

Ok, so we're Jack-nerds in this family. The only TV-show we can be credited to have followed for the past years is 24. We even watched it on our honeymoon (no joke). Almost considered to name our son Jack (joke).

And now he's back!

Don't call us on tonight (special season premiere) or then on any Monday night between 9 -10 pm PST the next couple of months.

This is the only show we actually watch irl (you got to see commercials sometimes!) (and we can watch together for a change). Season 6 is about to begin!


Annika said...

My husband is PSYCHED!!! I've never been into "24", but P cannot wait! 4 h!!! 2 tonight and two tomorrow. What a TV feast...I'll watch "Grease" instead...You know, the American Idol like show on nbc...

I could not comment on the post below, for some reason. But, yes, Fawlty Towers IS a classic! I do remember the German episode the best, you know when he goes besark blaming the German guests fpr WW 2. SOOOO funny!!!

JaCal said...

It was good... a little "tired" but good. I've missed the Grease show - have to check that one out.

Yup - "don't mention the war" is a classic!