Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Where are the knobs?

Today's newspaper had a ad from Lowe's and their '"dream kitchen collection". And since I dream about doing something about our kitchen I ate my breakfast, sitting in the kitchen, looking at it.

And noticed something I rarely see in real life kitchens.

Cabinet door knobs!

We don't have them in our kitchen and most of my friends around here don't have them. But they obviously exist. They're just considered an upgrade. A "dream kitchen" has door knobs. An ordinary doesn't.

I missed the door knobs the first few years. Now is kind of convenient to open the cabinet door holding you're hand where ever you prefer! A little bit of kitchen freedom!

I don't think you can find a Swedish kitchen without cabinet door knobs. Maybe the Swedes need the sense of order of knowing exactly where to put their hands when opening their cabinets?

I still dream about a new kitchen...

(With cabinet door knobs...)


Annika said...

Can it be a Californian thing??? I think all my friends here on this side of this BIG country have door knobs.
It looks strange without them. Come think about it, we did not have any knobs in our old house...SO, I might have to take that California comment back.

JaCal said...

Oh, it can sure be a Californian thing (when I write "here" I usually mean here.. in this little state... and sometimes even here in this county... My cross country door knob research is limited... ;-) But I do know they have door knobs at IKEA!)

I sure prefer the east coast houses - at least from the outside - they look more like houses than these usually beige garage-houses over here..

Annika said...

Well, yes, of course you refer to your little corner of the world, while writing ;-)
As do I!

Many houses are very beautiful on this coast, yes.
The houses on your coast feel more "exotic"

Anonymous said...

Ah, not so. My own cabinet doors slide. No knobs on them. I'm looking at them right now to confirm this is really true.

JaCal said...

Lucky you! I like sliding doors! We used to have them when I was a kid before we renovated the kitchen. I have yet to see cabinet door knobs here however - but then most of my friends around here live in newly built houses and it sure seems to be a trend not to have them.