Monday, December 25, 2006

Santa stopped by

After watching a recorded version of "Kalle Anka" on Julafton (Christmas Eve) yesterday, Santa himself stopped by (too bad my husband missed him!!). He had traveled far and couldn't really speak, he claimed his beard was tickling him - strange that he isn't used to it...

He brought lots of gifts for the kids present, and an iPod for the mother.

So here I am, downloading the latest version of iTunes, getting ready to figure out how to podcast Swedish Radio programs and listen to in the car (when I can negotiate not having to listen to "The wheels on the bus") and when on walks (when I don't have to explain why birds can fly) and when doing things around the house (when I don't have "help" by a toddler).

Hm... I wonder when I actually will get the chance to use it...

Anyway!* - here I come!

Being an alien isn't too bad when you live in this age - the wonders of new technology can make you feel just at home, where ever you are!

*Swedish radio's great website!

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