Saturday, December 23, 2006

Don't call a Swede at 3 pm tomorrow!

Swedish people may have different Christmas Eve habits (and Christmas Eve is the big day for Swedes), like at what time they eat the big Christmas smörgårsbord (like a late lunch, or an early dinner), or when Santa arrives or if it's mandatory to write rhymes for your Christmas gifts.

But not matter what the routine is, at 3 pm, almost all turn on the TV and watch...

Donald Duck*.

And have been since 1959.

Last year 3.514.000 people watched. That's almost like 40% of the population.

The major Swedish newspaper wrote about this phenomena yesterday, and found an expert who claimed this is about feeling safe... And being nostalgic and being traditional.

Yes. We will turn on our recording of the Donald Duck program tomorrow at 3 pm. Swedish Aliens are probably even more nostalgic about this really silly program.

*The Donald Duck (Kalle Anka in Swedish) is really a version of an American show from 1951 called "
The Walt Disney Christmas Show". Nothing particularly Swedish about it. At all.

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