Friday, December 29, 2006

New Swedish words...

When you're an alien you have to watch your native language so you don't end up speaking like a person stuck in the past. Like something out of a movies from the 50ies.

So now I've studied the New Swedish Words 2006 as reported today by The Swedish Language Council.

I'm now up to date .

I think.

There is this word... "Rondellhundar" (maybe translated as"roundabout dogs")...

WHAT is that?

Last time I drove a car in Sweden was... December 2005. And I didn't see any dogs in any roundabouts.

Did some googeling. Found some answers.

And this picture.

(picture from "The Picture of the Year 2006" collection, as published in

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Berit said...

Rondellhund is a Swedish way of protesting authority