Saturday, December 30, 2006

A little Swedish - American meeting

Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt (and former Swedish Prime Minister) meets US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in the White House this fall.

Tiny country meets huge country in a small handshake.

Different titles, same job. "Minister of Foreign Affairs" and "Secretary of State" is both "utrikesminister" in Swedish.


Anonymous said...

Well, Carl Bildt has a better blog. Oops, Condie doesn't even have one. Bildt's is entitled Alla Dessa Dagar. The Swedish press was angry with him. I think the real reason for the anger was that he didn't have to speak with them so they could sell their papers. No, he could just say what he wished on his blog.

There is a major difference in Rice's job and Bildt's job. Rice has to deal with wars. Bildt does not for Sweden hasn't literally gone to war in 200 hundred years.

JaCal said...

I like the blog-phenomena - suddenly you (and politicians) can express themselves and their views. Especially in Sweden where you're stuck with voting on a party rather than a person.

Don't think you can compare Condie's job with Calles in any way, part from the title.. war or no war - I would say Condie is a bit more busier...