Monday, December 18, 2006

Get the popcorn ready!

If you can't find anything on your 100+ American channels to watch and happens to know Swedish, you can now tune in to SVT Play, a new feature where you can see almost anything on Swedish Television including historical material!

Is this great or what!

A Swedish "TV-YouTube"!

Imagine how much money we Swedish aliens will save not having to buy airline tickets to go back to Sweden get a dose of "På Spåret", "Vetenskapsmagasinet" or "Allsång på Skansen"!

Now, the big question is... what about the "tv-avgift"*...

(*TV-avgift = mandatory "tv charges" for everyone in Sweden that owns a TV, collected by the authority "Radiotjänst i Kiruna"... an old public service system...)


Berit said...

You can not make it as a politician if you "forget" to pay TV-avgift

Tomasz Wysocki said...

Hahahaha! Completely agree. I turn my telly on about once every second week and what I see is the commercials for the us army. I rather spend a couple of hours in front of the laptop watching svt play! Cheers to Cali!