Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Do we have to move to Minnesota?

When reading the news today, the United Health Foundation reports that Minnesota is the state that tops he health rankings.

California comes in at a meekly 23rd place. More or less in the middle. Average.

Considering the last couple of days with sick toddler in the house, we might have to think about relocation.

Minnesota. Brr.

Hawaii comes in 4th. Hm. That might be a good option?


Annika said...

Ah, but you could easily handle Minnesota! The cold is NICE!!! You'd feel like you were back in good old Sweden again!

I have to check where VA ranks.

Anonymous said...

I think you'd feel right at home there. I think something like 50% of the folks out there are of Swedish descent.

Victoria said...

Hm. Florida comes on 41st place. Must be all those old people moving here. Figures.
/Victoria ;o)