Monday, December 04, 2006

57 channels (and nothin' on)

The Bruce Springsteen song. So true. I have no clue how many TV channels we have. But they are many. But when ever I have some time over and decide to tune in, it's usually nothing on. Amazing. 100+ channels and nothing to watch.

The husband has solved that problem. We have a TiVo and use Sage on our media computer. I use Rick Kushman's advice and set the recorders to work for me. Hepp! Every time I want to watch there is something to turn on and I can fast forward through the commercials.

But it's when I turn on the TiVo or Sage that I realize how little time I, the normal media freak (pre-toddlers and pre-WAH), have to watch TV right now. I'm 5 episodes behind DHW, 8 episodes after Studio 60, I'm apparently recording Nip/Tuck and a couple of other shows, but haven't seen any episodes this season. This means I have about, what, a week of nonstop TV watching to catch up??

Maybe I should just go back to 57 channels and nothing on, at least it's not as stressful...

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Annika said...

Less stressful is right...Maybe just use the big national channels since they have the best shows anyway...

Hur går det i ensamheten? Min make kommer hem imorrn. Nätterna är inte så kul...suck..