Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A beautiful smile

On Christmas Eve 2002, four years ago this upcoming Christmas, a Californian woman, 7 months pregnant named Laci Peterson disappeared from her home. The search for her was major news here in California and it was something about the whole story that just stuck with me.... I was also pregnant at the time.

The pictures of Laci's wonderful, beautiful smile where everywhere.

She was found a couple of months later in the San Francisco Bay, her unborn son a couple of days later.

If you live in California, you lived with this story the past few years. First the search, then finding them, then the trial of her husband and the verdict...

Tonight when I was finishing up making Christmas preparation, Laci's mother, Sharon Rocha, visited The Larry King Live show, that by accident was turned on the TV in the kitchen. She talked about life after Laci and preparing for the fourth Christmas without her.

Sharon Rocha wrote a book about her daugther, published last year, now on the New York Times bestseller list for non-fiction.

I haven't read the book. Yet. I don't dare. I know I will cry the whole time. Maybe later.

I still get chills when I remember Laci's mom, Sharon Rocha, speech from Laci's memorial that was broadcasted live on the major channels...

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