Monday, November 13, 2006

What Californians do on the weekends!

As a good alien I try to keep up with the local habits... The other day I discovered that California has a state dance! Oh no! I've completely missed this!!

Swing Dancing West Coast Swing Dancing: related to the Swing, Whip, or Jitterbug, came into being in the early 1930's in response to new musical forms then sweeping the land. It was created at the grassroots level and devotees of this art come from every conceivable ethnic, religious, racial, and economic background.

West Coast Swing Dancing is an intricate dance, requiring a great deal of coordination, good timing, and intelligent application. It is an American dance which is danced to American music. It originated in California and is danced in competition nationally and internationally.

What would you do without!?This is what I have to get the husband to learn!

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Annika said...

Okay, girl...i have wanted to post stuff from YouTube up on my blog for a long time. And I get stuck there...I cannot publish. You seem to be a blogger whiz! Wish you could help me here!
Skitkul med YouTube!