Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Read a Swedish book in English

One of few Swedish authors (the only one??) that writes in English (thus is translated back to Swedish) is Marika Cobbold Hjörne. She lives in England and has written five books so far.

I read her first book, Guppies for Tea, after hearing her talk on Swedish radio as one of the "summer speakers" (very Swedish thing, a daily summer radio talk show that goes on only during the summer and is hosted by different artists, authors, writers, or other interesting person).

I really, really liked the book.

And it's kind of interesting to read a book in English by someone who is Swedish!


Annika said...

This might be an idea for our book club? I wonder if Sara reads this...

And "Sommar" what a lovely radio program!!!

Anonymous said...

Jag läste den för många år sedan - den är bra. De andra är också bra - har tre tror jag.
Hoppas att barnena slutar snuva snart! Kram!