Monday, November 20, 2006

Noise polution

Monday morning. The first day of the week (or the second, depending on what calender you use...). Monday mornings have to start smooth, or the whole week will be bad. Or so it seems.

Therefor I think there should be a total ban on grass blowers to be used before... hm... let's say Tuesday afternoons (or NEVER).

I had never seen (or heard!!) a grass blower before I moved here. Old fashioned rakes are obviously out... When we lived in an apartment complex, the gardeners came blowing every second day. These blowers make the most annoying noise that gives you an instant headache. I couldn't wait to get out of that place to get some peace and quiet in our own house (where grass blowers were to be forbidden).

Only to realize the first week that we hadn't thought about when we got the house... On the other side of the fence of our garden... an apartment complex.... and they have gardeners that come with... the darn GRASS BLOWERS every second day.

Starting Monday mornings.

They've been blowing for almost an hour.

Where are my earplugs??


Annika said...

Oh my GOD! That is the most annoyoing sound in the world ;-)
I know, "our" gardeners that take care of the common areas where we live always arrive around 7.30 and BLAST the damn leaf blowers...

JaCal said...

Yupp - absolutely completely annoying... drives you NUT! I feel so sorry for those walking around with them...

Annika said...

Yes, so do I...Always some mexican guy, and always without earplugs...sad.