Friday, March 26, 2010

Baskeball in Madison Square Garden

During my visit to New York I got the opportunity to spend an evening at Madison Square Garden, watching New York Knicks play the Detroit Pitsons (where we have Swedens' first NBA player, Jonas Jerebko). An American sports event is like a big party. Everyone is in a good mood, hanging out, watching the game, eating pizza. It's a good feeling and a real show.

During time outs or breaks, all the coaches, always dressed in nice suits, gather on the field, making quick strategies to bring back to the team. All while the audience is entertained by different performances. Even if you don't like basket ball (or fotball or baseball or what ever sport), you still have a good time.

Me and my co-workers were wearing red caps (Detroit Pistons' color), and cheered when ever Jerebko scored. Which he did pretty frequently, but not often enough to save the Pistons, who lost the game to the Knicks.

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Kerry Schultz said...

Sound like a really fun evening!! Though I'm not a sports fan but catching up a match or two is not too bad!! Specially if it's with your friends.. Hope you'll update us if something like this come up again!