Monday, January 18, 2010

Visiting Luzern, Switzerland

During my short stay in Switzerland, I got a chance to spend half a day in Luzern, a beautiful city, also by a lake. A cute old town, filled with - tada - watch stores... It would be interesting to know how many of the stores in the city were watch stores...

The weather was amazing - and we got a beautiful view of the alps from a distance, walking around in this very nice city. Funny enough - we stopped twice at the same Starbucks - which happened to have a great location by the old bridge - first staying in doors to heat up a bit, drinking coffee and tea, and right before going back, now sitting outside in the sun, drinking coffee and tea.

A little slide show with pictures from Luzern: 


Christina said...

Such a pretty city -- and so clean! I was there many years ago, before the bridge burnt down and was rebuilt. So glad I was able to see the original paintings -- and also glad it was before Starbucks started to colonize the world!

JaCal said...

Christina - it is so pretty - and yes - so clean! Just like Zurich - very well organized. Oh - so you got to see the original bridge. Seems they got a pretty good copy in order - so sad it burnt down. Haha - well, according to my Swedish friend who has lived 7 years i Switzerland - he was sooo happy when Starbucks came so he finally could get a decent cup of coffee. ;-) The have a perfect spot in Luzern now - great view of the bridge. ;-) (I don't even drink coffee myself...).