Monday, December 14, 2009

"Man tager vad man haver"

Lucia is one of my favorite festivities - love the music, the candles. When I lived in Stockholm, I used to go watch the music schools performance in the big sports arena, Globen, with hundreds of kids singing and catch one or two Lucia processions at different places.

When you live far from Sweden - you have to take what you have - to translate a Swedish saying, and in our case that means IKEA.

Sometime around Lucia - but for some reason usually not on the actual Lucia day, December 13, the little Swedish school is performing a Lucia procession in the IKEA restaurant, among people eating $1 meatballs. It's really cute and nice to hear those songs - but hm... maybe not so... serene...


Anna, Fair and True said...

Vad säger de andra kunderna? :)

JaCal said...

De verkar vara allmänt förvirrade och inte förstå någonting alls. De som sen tittar på själva sångerna i restaurangen är nog till 90% på något sätt besläktade med de vitklädda barnen... ;-)